We are a full-service design & build firm based in Hamilton. With boots on the ground and suits in the studio we can manage your entire project from drafting to decorating and offer the following end-to-end services.

Discovery Sessions

A low cost yet integral part of the design process that serves as a valuable introduction between all involved. Key questions are asked & recorded to gain a high-level understanding of the project while mutual trust is built before we share our inner knowledge.

Site Review & Zoning

Before any major work begins it's good to know more about your property history, zoning specifics, municipal by-laws, and anything HCA/NEC/CofA/HMHC related. We help navigate Zoning Verification Certificates and conduct full site reviews to help avoid future pitfalls.

As-Built Drawings

We accurately measure every corner of your existing property using advanced laser technology to create quality floor plans in AutoCAD. This service includes virtual walkthroughs, high-quality photos, detailed elevations, sections, and site/roof/mechanical plans.

Architectural Design

Our designer helps us produce a final Ontario Building Code (OBC) compliant plan along with everything required including:  Notations, schedules, details, assemblies, structural reviews, and heat-loss calculations to help produce sealed permit drawings.

Interior Design

We can advise you on remodelling ideas including, furniture & home decor placement, stores and brands to consider, cabinetry, styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls), paint treatments, fixtures, finishes, trims, and more! 

Retail Environments

We work with commercial clients for whom we design branded immersive brick-and-mortar experiences that surprise and delight their customers  -from pop-up shops and community events, to dispensaries and bars across the city. 

3D Renders

Our in-house design team works from shared references to create must-have photorealistic 3D renders and plans of your property's exterior and interior. Using tools including SketchUp and Lumion, this step helps us visually illustrate an end result.

Permit Applications

We help prepare and submit your permit drawings, site statistics, surveys, schedules, structural documents, designer schedule 1 forms, and any required approval letters to the City of Hamilton's Building Division via ePLANS online portal.

Estimation & Takeoffs

We procure required supplies by calculating material square footages or linear lengths per room including all ceilings, wall, and floors. from plans & elevations. This helps us estimate the job more accurately to help manage expectations, and budgets.​

General Contracting

Serving as your primary point of contact we project manage and plan everything on behalf of a property owner by hiring subcontractors while ensuring that all construction is delivered correctly and within reasonable budgets & timelines.


From bump-outs to two-storey spaces, we can build a little more room for you so as to avoid buying a bigger property. For many homeowners, it's a smart investment that increases square footage while boosting your property value.


Renovations are much simpler than remodelling and smaller in scope where we can revive your space without major changes or building permits. Some examples of our renovation services are further outlined below.

Interior Demolition

Demolition doesn't just mean wrecking balls & excavators! We selectively gut buildings of internal elements including, ceilings, flooring, floating walls, cabinetry, mechanical & electrical systems, and plumbing to leave you with a clean footprint.

Framing & Drywalling

From residential basements and attics to commercial spaces, we work with wood & metal framing to meet OBC standards before adding insulation, installing drywall, and taping to deliver a classic drywall finish ready for priming or wallpapering.

Flooring & Tiling

With a wide range of tiling options available including price, size, colour, and material, the simple yet biggest challenge can often be choosing the best configuration that compliments your space and needs. That's why we're here to help!

Painting & Decorating

Decorating is both an art and science that balances the attributes of neatness, reliability, price, beauty, and of course a high quality decorative finish. Whether a small box room or an auditorium, you can trust us to love your building.


Decks are an extension of your home that create outdoor living spaces for your enjoyment. Whether composite or wood, floating or affixed, we comply with city bylaw & permit requirements to deliver custom designs of all shapes, sizes. and materials.


Fences can make or break curb appeal and not just property line markers. They are the unsung heroes that help frame your garden and highlight landscapes, where the best fence matches your style, surroundings, and fencing needs.

Porches & Patios

Porches & patios help emphasize an environment that serves as both a welcome experience and a getaway, just steps away from your door. We like these outdoor spaces to be stylish and comfortable, yet with the ability to stand up to mother nature.


Thoughtful landscapes are the key to creating an outdoor oasis, whether you have a small urban courtyard or acres of farmland. We like to design spaces that make you never want to go indoors again - even if it means no more renovations for us!

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